In ground Vinyl Liner Replacement offered in the Dallas Area

Liner replacement has been our specialty for over 30 years. We have the expertise and skills to replace liners in both above-ground and in-ground vinyl pools of all shapes and sizes. In some cases it is possible to convert gunite pools to vinyl.

If your pool is in less than desirable condition, don’t stress, there are few jobs that we can’t tackle. Here are examples of restorations we can perform on your pool.

  • In-ground jobs can range from a simple liner replacement that requires little additional repair to the structure of the pool, to a total remodel that may entail significant wall, coping, deck and/or floor repair or replacement. Pools come in all shapes and sizes, we can accommodate them all.
  • Above-ground pools are also diverse in scope. Shapes, sizes and quality vary greatly. If your pool needs a face lift, we can suit your needs. From an involved remodel, such as: re-leveling, a new wall and liner, repair of a cave in, to a basic liner replacement, our expertise covers virtually all above-ground jobs.

Vinyl liner replacement

  • Pre replacement structural repair (wall failure such as cave-ins, wall panel replacement, step repair, bottom repair or replacement, rust treatment and foam pad installation).
  • Custom in-ground vinyl liner replacement.
  • Above-ground vinyl liner replacement and structural repair, including wall and or support replacement.

Check out the transformation on some of our recent jobs below!

We completed this pool with installing new:

  • Custom “wedding cake” steps
  • Dual main drains
  • and a more shallow deep end.

The possibilities of remodeling your vinyl liner pool are almost limitless.

In ground vinyl liner repair videos: